Trambak group of house boats promises a life time experience which will remain etched in your mind forever Trambak group of house boats is located at Dal Lake srinagar kashmir.

About house boat


House boats are novelity type of accommodation available in kashmir as you have hotels available throughout the world but unlike a house boat being available in kerala which is totally different and hence cannot prove compatible to what we have in kashmir in any respect. Living on a houseboat experience a fun and real joy for those who experience such stay and always carry cherishing moments along with as a memory for the entire life time. The staff at service on a to and fro crossing and other shikara rides.Thus one feels homely atmosphere while one's stay on a houseboat. Many tourists are attracted to srinagar by the charm of staying on a houseboat, which provides the unique experience of living on the water in a cedar paneled elegant bedrooms with all the conveniences of  a luxury hotels srinagar thousands of house boats are moored along sections of the Dal lake and nigeen lake each decorated fancifully and named romantically and even whimsically.


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